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Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - investment which pays off for itself quickly

ATS recruitment system is an efficient and simple investment for all companies that need to recruit new employees to the organization. The system helps you to find the right people faster and saves more time for other tasks.

Let’s start with what a recruitment system is. The abbreviation ATS, commonly used for recruitment systems, comes from English – Applicant Tracking Systems. These systems are not aiming so much for tracking applicants, but rather for collecting all application in one place. By utilizing the different features of the services, it is possible for the employer to get the applicants immediately, and even automatically, in logical order with qualifying questions.

According to recent study in Finland, only 2-3 % of companies with less that 100 employees use recruitment systems to receive job applications. Most of the respondents (56%) said that they ask applicants to send the application by e-mail. Going through, viewing and sorting applications and attachments in this way takes a huge amount of work time. In addition, it is not possible to manage securely all applications by email.

In addition to the monetary savings, the system also offers the employer other benefits, such as:

  • Professional image of employer
  • Processing personal data in accordance with the GDPR regulations
  • More systematic processing of applications
  • Lower chance of mistakes and losing data or applications
  • Documentation and archiving of applications for future needs
  • Centralized publication of job announcements on media channels and social media
  • Automation of routine repetitive processes


This how investment in the ATS system pays off:

The use of ATS systems is usually priced according to the number of users and the period of use, i.e. months. Prices for medium- sized systems are around 1500 € - 4000€ per year. According to previous research, a full-time recruiter saves an average of 15-20 working hours per month (180-240 hours per year) after switching from Excel sheets to using ATS. (Recruitcrm 2021). The research is based on data from large companies involved in study, which have one or more full-time recruiters.

If the number of hours spent on sourcing multiplied on hourly labour costs, for example 30 e/hour and the hours saved per year would be 180 – 240 hours per year. It is mean that ATS could save up to 5400€ - 7320€!

The implementation of a functioning ATS recruitment system therefore pays for itself even in a month. The system is useful regardless of the company’s size. Or what do you think about these customer feedback?


” We saved an average of two months’ salary expenses when our HR department implemented ATS”

“We got rig of huge Excel tables, and the investment was fully paid off just in one month”

“We saved so much working time with acquisition of ATS that we avoided hiring new personnel assistant”

The importance of the recruitment system for SMEs

Small and medium - sized companies rarely have one full – time person handling recruitment. However, the benefits from using ATS could be viewed, for example, in following way:

According to research, employers’ estimated personnel costs per recruitment are approximately 600 € – 1700 €/ recruitment, depending on employees’ hourly wages. Companies hire 2-7 new employees per year. By calculation, these results in personnel costs per recruitment of 1200 euros – 11 900 euros per year for the employer. In small companies it is much harder to calculate financial benefit of using ATS. It is very company – specific and depends on many factors.

However, for smaller companies, the success of recruitment is relatively more important than for a larger company. Unsuccessful recruitment costs a lot, and that’s why every effort must be made to them.

In the current challenging labor situation, entrepreneurs are too often tending to hire a person on the recommendation of a colleague, for example, without a comprehensive recruitment, because it seems not to relevant. With the help of the recruitment system, even a solo entrepreneur can implement an effective and successful recruitment process.


ATS system buyer’s checklist

In Finland, there are at least 20 ATS systems on market, which differ in price and features. In a company with less that 10 employees, the needs are different than in large company with more than in large company with more than 250 employees, and the budget is also different.

We recommend making your own requirements and wish list of features your company wants from the system. Here is an example:

  • My job posting page (editable URL)
  • Integrations and publishing to other media channels and social media
  • Number of users and sharing the recruitment process among the team
  • Processing of personal data in accordance with GDPR regulations
  • Finished job seeker pool and quality of job seeker data
  • Simple use and intuitiveness
  • Responsiveness for mobile use
  • Possibility to use company logo, video and photos and links
  • Price and pricing system which fits our budget

Were you interested and would you like to know more ?

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